SAS: Who Dares Wins: Leadership Secrets from the Special Forces

Britain’s SAS (Special Air Service) has an unparalleled reputation for soldiering excellence. Their skills and techniques have been perfected in the most demanding environments imaginable, but many of these can also be used in our everyday lives. This book takes situations all of us will experience during our lives and presents tactical lessons drawn from […]

The German Generals Talk: Startling Revelations from Hitler’s High Command

“I have seldom found anything Liddell Hart wrote less than intensely readable.” – Max Hastings The closing days of World War Two took a devastating toll on the German high command. But a few of Hitler’s generals survived. In this fascinating book, first published in the 1950s, the German generals who survived Hitler’s Reich discuss […]

The Co-Op’s Got Bananas: A Memoir of Growing Up in the Post-War North

Despite the struggle to make ends meet during the tough years of warfare in the 1940s and rationing persisting until the early 1950s, life could still be sweet. Especially if you were a young boy, playing football with your pals, saving up to go to the movies at the weekend, and being captivated by the […]