Partition: The story of Indian independence and the creation of Pakistan in…

Between January and August 1947 the conflicting political, religious and social tensions in India culminated in independence from Britain and the creation of Pakistan. Those months saw the end of ninety years of the British Raj, and the effective power of the Maharajahs, as the Congress Party established itself commanding a democratic government in Delhi. […]

Wings on My Sleeve: The World’s Greatest Test Pilot tells his story

The truly remarkable story of one of England’s best ever test pilots who flew in the Fleet Air Arm and after the war tested many German Aircraft. He also interviewed both Goering and Hanna Reitsch as he had a knowledge of the German language from time spent in Germany on a University Exchange scheme before […]

The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History

Author: Boris JohnsonPaperback The paperback edition of this hugely well received biography of the great statesman by maverick politiican and bestselling author, Johnson. Marking the fiftieth anniversary of Winston Churchill’s death, Boris Johnson explores what makes up the ‘Churchill Factor’ – the singular brilliance of one of the most important leaders of the twentieth century. […]

The Lost World of Bletchley Park: The Illustrated History of the Wartime Co…

The huge success of Sinclair’s The Secret Life of Bletchley Park – has been symptomatic of a similarly dramatic increase in visitors to Bletchley Park itself, the Victorian mansion in Buckinghamshire now open as an engrossing museum of wartime code-breaking. Now, Aurum is publishing the first comprehensive illustrated history of this remarkable place, from its […]

Tanks: 100 Years of Armoured Warfare (Tank Museum)

On 15 September 1916 a new weapon entered the military arsenals at a small engagement on the Somme. The first tank, the British Mark I, was cumbersome, unreliable and slow, but the impact on the morale of the German troops was salutary. Whatever its initial technical shortcomings, the tank incarnated the mechanisation and industrialisation of […]