The Great Escape

On the night of 24 March 1944, 76 Allied RAF officers escaped from Stalag-Luft III, Nazi Germany’s most secure POW camp. It was the biggest British-led break-out of the Second World War. But the men paid a high price for their bravery: of the 73 POWs re-captured, 30 were brutally executed on Hitler’s direct orders. […]

Black Vortex: One Man’s Journey into Africa’s Wars

Jim Hooper’s work needs little introduction. His words and photographic images have captured the heart, soul and desperation of Third World conflict for almost three decades. Author of the critically acclaimed Koevoet! and A Hundred Feet Over Hell, Hooper is renowned for his brutal honesty. In this all-new work, he takes a powerful and retrospective […]

The Forgotten Few: The Polish Air Force in the Second World War

The crucial role played by Polish airmen during the Second World War and the colourful stories of their adventures have become part of British folklore. But very few people have any idea of the extent of their involvement, or how they came to be in Britain. In this brilliant history, Adam Zamoyski explores the unwavering […]