Secret Victory: The Intelligence War that beat the IRA

This book poses a simple, but hitherto under examined subject regarding the effectiveness of the RUC Special Branch in combating violent subversion during the Northern Ireland crisis: a challenging topic, surrounded as it is by historical contention, political dispute and the innate secrecy of the Branch’s work. This has conspired to produce a lack of […]

Conflict in the Academy: A Study in the Sociology of Intellectuals

Examining an intramural conflict that erupted within the English Faculty at the University of Cambridge in the early 1980s, this book develops a theoretical analysis of disputes as they unfold within the academy. It shows how broad structural changes taking place within the English higher education system at the time reverberated through to local contexts, […]

Evil Men

A searching meditation on our all-too-human capacity for inhumanity, Evil Men confronts atrocity head-on—how it looks and feels, what motivates it, how it can be stopped. James Dawes’s unflinchingly honest account, drawing on firsthand interviews, is not just about the things Japanese war criminals did, but about what it means to befriend them.