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Moonlight Masquerade

Unexpected passion flares between Cassandra Van Dorn, a lovely Confederate spy, and Captain Jared Montgomery, a dashing Union officer and aide to President Lincoln, but a deadly co

ISBN10 : 0821746693 , ISBN13 : 9780821746691

Page Number : 412

Stryker S Bride

When her flighty twin sister runs off, Jacey Forester must unwillingly fulfill her contract as a mail-order bride for gorgeous Texas lawman Logan Stryker, a man who just wants a br

ISBN10 : 0821766015 , ISBN13 : 9780821766019

Page Number : 316

Deck The Halls

A collection of historical tales by six popular romance authors celebrates the warmth of Christmases past, exploring love in locales from America's Old West to eighteenth-century E

ISBN10 : 0821751506 , ISBN13 : 9780821751503

Page Number : 384

Apache Pride

After escaping into the wilderness to flee the unwanted advances of a soldier, Regan runs into a ruggedly handsome Apache. Knowing she could not abandon him, she nursed his wounds,

ISBN10 : 0821762826 , ISBN13 : 9780821762820

Page Number : 320

Rebel Mine

Brianna Devland vows to avenge her brother's death by helping the Confederate cause, but Major Trevor Caldwell arouses passions in her that no self-respecting Southern lady should

ISBN10 : 082174237X , ISBN13 : 9780821742372

Page Number : 351

Gambler S Lady

Eager to buy back Rive Belle, the beloved family home lost to the Yankees, ex-Confederate officer and riverboat gambler Shane Delaney accepts a substantial sum from crooked Nolan G

ISBN10 : 0821745417 , ISBN13 : 9780821745410

Page Number : 384