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Thunder Point

1945. The day before Hitler commits suicide, he arranges for Nazi leader Martin Bormann to flee to South America in a German U-boat. 1992. Terrorist Sean Dillon is saved from a Yug

ISBN10 : 1101203528 , ISBN13 : 9781101203521

Page Number : 368

Thunder Point

Saved from a Yugoslavian firing squad by his old nemesis, Brigadier Charles Ferguson, terrorist Sean Dillon agrees to help the British government prevent the secrets of a Nazi diar

ISBN10 : 0425143570 , ISBN13 : 9780425143575

Page Number : 356

On Dangerous Ground

As Hong Kong prepares for its 1997 return to China, powerful business concerns, including the Mafia, will do anything to stop the return, as a search begins for a mysterious docume

ISBN10 : 0399139338 , ISBN13 : 9780399139338

Page Number : 304

Midnight Runner

Even though her brothers tried to assassinate the President of the United States, Kate Rashid is determined to make those responsible for killing her brothers pay with their lives

ISBN10 : 0425189414 , ISBN13 : 9780425189412

Page Number : 289